woensdag 26 oktober 2022

Qimarox introduces a vertical conveyor for AMRs - Meet the Prorunner PR12


Quick and safe transport of AMRs between multiple floors

Harderwijk, 14-10, 2022 - Qimarox, a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems, introduces a vertical conveyor for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The Prorunner PR12 is ideally suited to transporting these vehicles between different floors. The high positioning accuracy, the rigidity of the construction and the possibility of mounting a second carrier result in a safe and reliable high-capacity transport solution.

 Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are rapidly gaining in popularity. They are relatively cheap, flexible and scalable. They can be easily deployed without having to modify the existing infrastructure. Since they can handle a large part of the internal transport, they allow people to work faster and more efficiently. However, AMRs and AGVs have always had one limitation: they were difficult to move between different floors.

Qimarox's Prorunner PR12 changes all that. The PR12 is a vertical conveyor that significantly extends the range of AMRs. By moving robots with or without cargo between floors, companies can further increase their deployability and flexibility. In other words, the PR12 allows companies to grow in height. The first machines have already been delivered to an e-commerce company.


Safe and fast

The Prorunner PR12 is a discontinuous vertical conveyor with a minimal footprint. Its rigid construction and high positioning accuracy make the PR12 highly suitable for transporting AMRs and AGVs. Since the tolerances in vertical and horizontal directions are less than 5 millimetres, the vehicles can drive on and off the platform without difficulty. The PR12 is equipped with contour monitoring: if the vehicle on the platform starts to slide or roll, the machine comes to an immediate stop.

 The Prorunner PR12 offers a high capacity. With a height difference of 2 metres, the PR12 makes no less than 400 cycles per hour. What makes the machine unique is the possibility of attaching two separately driven carriers to one column. This makes it possible to easily double the transport capacity while keeping the space requirement to a minimum. The vertical range of the Prorunner PR12 is up to 24 metres. A single machine can, therefore, easily serve three, four, five or even more floors.


Also for products

Not only can the Prorunner PR12 be used for transporting AMRs and AGVs, but for products and load carriers too. In this case, the AMR and AGV platform can easily be replaced with a roller conveyor. If the PR12 is equipped with two carriers, any configuration is possible: two platforms, two roller conveyors or a combination of one platform and one roller conveyor. Even if the logistics concept changes over time, the PR12 can easily be converted.

 Like all Qimarox material handling components, the Prorunner PR12 is modular, resulting in a high degree of configurability, competitive pricing, short delivery times and low maintenance costs. By using a servo drive, the PR12 can be easily integrated into any demanding, dynamic and challenging system design.


Key benefits:

·         Extremely high positioning accuracy (servomotor)

·         Robust column ladder design allows lifting of heavy loads

·         Fully standardized, user friendly modular design

·         High quality constructive finishing

·         Top global brands standard components used

·         Heavy duty option for weights up to 300 kg / 661 lb

·         Suitable for AGV / AMR thanks to positioning accuracy

·         Low maintenance requirements

·         Available with independently driven 1 or 2 carriers

·         Capable of handling pallet sized products


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