donderdag 4 oktober 2012

Qimarox: new name for a proven strategy

Nedpack has transferred the development and manufacture of standard components to a company with a new name: Qimarox. The reason for this is the different approach of Nedpack and Qimarox. Whereas Nedpack will mainly focus on end users of end-of-line packaging systems, Qimarox will set its sights on system integrators and original equipment manufacturers. ‘We are certain that Qimarox will be a great success’ says Nedpack‑founder Peter Hannessen.

This strategy is embodied in the huge success of the Prorunner mk5, the vertical conveyor that has developed rapidly in recent years and been nominated for the Logistica Award recently. Pieter Hannessen and his team have succeeded in significantly reducing the cost of this machine, which has led to the exponential increase of demand for this vertical conveyor. System integrators from different industries use the Prorunner mk5 in their projects. The machine with the patented drive system is currently being used in the final packaging lines and storage and order picking systems of countless companies across the globe. ‘The past three years, the number of lifts produced has doubled every year,’ says Pieter Hannessen, who founded Nedpack in 1995.

Moving forward
Following the success of the Prorunner mk5, Hannessen decided to give the Components Division a new name: ‘Qimarox’. The newly created Quimarox brand will focus only on the development and manufacture of standard components. ‘We want to continue down our new path at an accelerated pace.’ As with the Prorunner mk5, we have now also further developed and improved our Highrunner mk7 palletiser. The cost of this machine too has been greatly reduced, ‘says Pieter Hannessen.
Qimarox develops and manufactures products that are sold exclusively by system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ‘Qimarox has good contacts with partners worldwide. Qimarox furthermore ensures that these partners receive proper training, so they know how these products can be applied and integrated. A number of partners have already been certified’, says Hannessen.

Day-to-day management

The daily management of Qimarox will be done by Jaco Hooijer, who until now was responsible for sales. ‘By focusing on product development, we are able to reduce costs and manufacture on a larger scale. We have already been doing this for product lifts and palletisers, but will be adding more solutions,’ said Hooijer.
One of Hooijer’s goals is to get Qimarox onto the ‘Preferred Supplier List’ of end customers. Many companies have such a list of preferred suppliers for, for example, engines, cylinders, and PLCs. ‘Our components allow end customers to obtain quality products at a good price. That’s why our components belong on that list.’
Pieter Hannessen will remain involved with Qimarox and will focus more on product development. ‘That’s where my heart lies,’ said Hannessen. 

About Qimarox

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems that are characterised by robustness and reliability. Innovative concepts, patented technologies, and continuous development allow Qimarox to manufacture product lifts and palletisers that link flexibility and productivity to a low total cost of ownership. System integrators and original equipment manufacturers from across the globe use the machinery of Nedpack in end-of-line systems and storage and order picking systems in various industries. Please visit for more information.