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Innovative palletisers and vertical transport systems at the PackExpo East 2015

Qimarox delivers speed, flexibility and durability at a competitive price

Qimarox is taking the world by storm with its wide range of palletising and vertical transport systems. Qimarox’s innovative product lifts, pallet lifts and palletisers are proof that high capacity and flexibility can go together with low operating costs and a high degree of durability. Qimarox will be present at the PackExpo East 2015

Qimarox supplies components for material handling and packaging systems that are characterised by a compact and modular design and high degree of standardisation. Consequently, the cost of purchase, installation, integration, use and maintenance is reduced to a minimum, which makes Qimarox components the most competitive solutions in the market. At the same time, the components excel not only in capacity, but also in versatility and flexibility, which makes them easy to integrate into any situation. In short, Qimarox places mechanisation and automation of packaging processes and logistics processes within everyone’s reach.

Fast and efficient palletising

Qimarox’s Highrunner mk7 is an innovative palletiser that combines the capacity of a conventional palletiser with the flexibility of a palletising robot. Whether it’s boxes with or without covers, trays with or without foil, buckets, crates or jerrycans – the Highrunner mk7 can carefully and accurately position them into any desired pattern and deposit them on the pallet layer by layer. The user-friendly touch screen allows operators to easily select the desired stacking pattern and program new stacking patterns if necessary.

The Highrunner mk7 distinguishes itself in the market with its patented pattern-formation conveyor, which is always located at the same height as the top of the pallet. This allows the layers created on the pattern-formation conveyor to be deposited at lighting speed, which makes for a particularly high capacity. A built-in pallet lift ensures that the pallet drops automatically so that the next layer can be deposited after each layer is deposited. Once a pallet is full, the lift descends to floor level, after which a roller conveyor removes the products.

Integrating multiple Highrunners according to the unique Crossrunner principle results in an extremely compact setup where a single roller conveyor is sufficient for the supply and removal of all pallets, both full and empty. This results in a setup that is able to process large volumes while occupying little space.

Vertical transport and sorting

The Prorunner mk5 is the undisputed eye-catcher at the fair. This elegant product lift works according to the time-honoured paternoster principle, which results in a versatile vertical transport system with a capacity of 2,000 products per hour. Because a single elevator system can be used for both upward and downward product flows, the Prorunner mk5 is ideal for vertical sorting. The standard model of this maintenance friendly and sophisticated product elevator is available for the fixed price of only €6,950, including infeed and outfeed conveyors and safety fencing.

Unlike other continuous product elevators, the Prorunner mk5 can feed products in and out in three directions, without the need for additional equipment. Whether it’s boxes, crates, trays or bags: this clever product elevator transports them all to any desired level and without any critical product transitions. All products are transported horizontally at all times, so that product deformations are excluded.

The Prorunner mk5 has a patented drive system that reduces friction, therefore reducing energy consumption. Because the system keeps itself in balance, the motor only has to propel the product to be transported, and not the product carrier. The system can therefore be operated at a low motor capacity, resulting in considerable savings when compared to other lift systems. Partly for these reasons, Qimarox’s Prorunner product conveyors are used by many OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers of transport systems in various industries around the world.

Robust and compact pallet lift

The Prorunner mk10 – an extremely robust product elevator for pallets of up to 2,000 kg – is the latest product in Qimarox’s range of material handling systems. This product lift can transport up to sixty pallets per hour ten metres upwards. This standardised, modular product lift can be integrated into any end-of-line packaging system or storage system and can furthermore be used in conjunction with the Highrunner mk7, Qimarox’s unique product palletiser.

The Qimarox Prorunner mk10 is based on the design of the successful Prorunner mk9 pallet lift. The most important difference is that the new Prorunner mk10 features four instead of two columns, allowing it to easily transport pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg. The Prorunner mk10 can easily bridge any difference in height between 0.40 and 10 metres. Even at the maximum height difference of 10 metres, the lift can still easily transport sixty pallets per hour with ease. The Prorunner mk10 is equipped with a lifting platform of 1200 x 1200 mm as standard, so that it can handle not only euro pallets, but also product carriers of different sizes such as block pallets.

Thanks to its four-column construction, pallets can be fed in and out on four different sides. It is also possible to use a single machine to supply multiple infeed or outfeed conveyors, so that the lift can also be used for, for example, vertical sorting. Because the lift is constructed out of standard sections, its height can be increased in 250 mm increments. The Prorunner mk10 is constructed using steel instead of aluminium columns, which ensures great stability despite the dynamic forces that occur during operation. Lifting is silent in the Prorunner mk10 because it is taken care of by steel cables in a durable plastic case. Furthermore, unlike when using chains, the steel cables don’t require lubricating or tightening.

More information? Visit our stand

Want to learn more about our products? Visit us at the PackExpo East 2015. We would love to show you what makes our palletisers and vertical transport systems so unique. You can also learn more about our other products, such as our Securyfence screening system. For more information, please visit our website at

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